We believe that our approach to wealth management should be as hard-working as our clients and reflect their zest for life, passions, and purposes.

Do what you love... outsource the rest.

A financial plan sets the course; ongoing guidance and portfolio management keep you headed in the right direction.  We believe that life should be enjoyed without the burden of financial uncertainty, and that our clients’ time is better spent pursuing their passions and purposes.   As business owners, we’ve come to believe in the adage of “do what you love and outsource the rest.”  We believe in being our clients’ outsourced Chief Investment Officers.

From a numerical perspective, working with a comprehensive financial advisor (not just someone who invests your money) can add the equivalent of 3% additional return per year¹ and help investors achieve a 22.6% higher level of spending in retirement.²

1.  Vanguard, “Putting a value on your value: Quantifying Vanguard Advisor’s Alpha,” 2016

2.  Morningstar, “Alpha, Beta, and Now… Gamma,” 2013

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Join us as we share our thoughts on planning, the markets, and other bits of research that spark our curiosity.

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These posts are for educational purposes only, and are not to be construed as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, securities. We often display hypothetical results based on backtests. The results of our simulations should not be relied upon for predicting future performance and is not a guarantee of actual performance.

Tenderfoot Hill and the DIY Financial Plan

The family and I try to go to Salida, Colorado as frequently as logistically possible with small children.  If you've never been, it's a pretty awesome place... rivers, mountains, pastures, patios with good beverages... all the good things, really.  One of the key...

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Save 2x your salary by 35? (part two)

Well, it wasn't long until some of the other names in financial literacy and personal finance jumped in on the "save twice your salary by 35" debate.  An author on Morningstar recently proved how you could feasibly accomplish such an endeavor -- you can read about it...

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The danger of chasing a retirement “number”

If you've read any of our posts (or talked to us), you probably realize that we like numbers.  Personally, I blame childhood time spent with the PBS show Square One... and especially episodes with the Mathnet segment.  Flying fighters seemed to to feed the numerical...

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Thankful giving

As we prepare to fry the turkey (safely, mind you) and join together with family and friends to celebrate the blessings of the year, we're inevitably reminded of the needs of others.  Targeted Wealth Solutions recently helped provide reusable food collection bags for...

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Boldface for the Equifax Data Breach

There were certain emergency conditions during flight operations that required us to have follow-on actions committed to memory.  Sometimes, the aircraft's checklist distinguished these critical actions by printing the steps in bold, capital letters.  Someone at some...

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You Need a Plan

Tactical aviation is all about planning.  That may seem obvious, but the depth and scope of planning are factors that are often overlooked.  Planning is so important to the Air Force enterprise that there's even a process called "plan to plan." And yes, you read that...

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