Rigorous analysis + creative thinking

We believe that our approach to wealth management should be as hard-working as our clients are.

The Cornerstones

There’s strength in simplicity, and we stay focused on meeting clients’ investment needs through a structured approach.


Research doesn’t begin and end with investments or fund managers. Instead, our research finds its footing in the objectives and unique situations that each client brings to the table. As we were once fond of saying during our time in combat aviation, “start at the target and work backwards.” Put another way, clients drive our research process as we determine optimal strategies to reach their goals.

As a Dimensional Fund Advisors-approved firm, we leverage their academic research and factor-driven approach in our investment themes within the public markets. We complement this with our own independent research to build portfolios and solutions that have been vetted over time by both academics and practitioners.

From management fees to taxes, costs matter. We believe that expenses should be minimized over an investor’s lifetime, and fees need to justify the value that’s added to the portfolio.
Markets are noisy, emotions are difficult to subdue, and uncertainty is uncomfortable. However, we understand the importance of focusing on long term objectives and the necessity of sticking to the plan. When things change in the lives of our clients — be it a birth, retirement, or just a new risk tolerance — we are diligent to adjust the course and set our focus on the desired outcome.

Our Briefings

Join us as we share our thoughts on planning, the markets, and other bits of research that spark our curiosity.

These posts are for educational purposes only, and are not to be construed as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, securities. We often display hypothetical results based on backtests. The results of our simulations should not be relied upon for predicting future performance and is not a guarantee of actual performance.